NATO Days in Ostrava & Czech Air Force Days


Saturday programme

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Main programme - dynamic displays - area D01

Start Finish Description Nationality
08:00 08:50 Opening of the Area for the Visitors
08:50 09:00 Dynamic Display of SW-4 POL
09:00 09:15 Joint Display of the Czech Police and Jordanian Female Unit: rescuing of hijacked plane CZE JOR
09:15 09:31 Dynamic Display of F-16 Zeus Demo Team GRC
09:31 09:42 Rescuing of Prisoners CZE
09:42 09:51 Dynamic Display of Eurofighter Typhoon AUT
09:51 09:57 Light Tank Praga LT type 38 of the Military History Institute CZE
09:59 10:10 Display of the Training of the Municipal Police Ostrava's Service Horses CZE
10:15 10:29 Display of the Escort of the Protected Person and motorcycle control CZE
10:35 10:50 The Tigers Parachute Team display GBR
10:53 11:03 Dynamic Display of PC-9 SLO
11:03 11:06 Ceremonial flypast CZE SVK POL
11:06 11:23 Opening ceremony, greetings CZE
11:23 11:24 NATO Days and Czech Air Force Days Opening Salvo CZE
11:24 11:29 Ceremony of Handover of the Ribbon to the Ostrava Municipal Police flag CZE
11:29 11:39 Dynamic Display of Eurofighter Typhoon DEU
11:39 11:48 Dynamic Display of the Service Vehicles of the Czech Police CZE
11:48 11:56 Dynamic Display of Bo-105 DEU
11:56 12:06 Dynamic Display of AJS 37 Viggen SWE
12:08 12:20 Dynamic Display of F-18 Demo Team SUI
12:20 12:35 Joint Display of the Czech, German and Slovakian Customs Service CZE DEU SVK
12:35 12:40 Display of the Driving Characteristics of the Traffic Police CZE
12:40 12:55 Escort Protection CZE
12:55 13:08 Dynamic Display of JAS-39 Gripen CZE
13:08 13:38 Joint Dynamic Display of the Czech and German Army CZE DEU
13:38 13:46 TITUS and TATRA Driving Characteristics CZE
13:46 13:54 Dynamic Display of SK 35 Draken SWE
13:54 14:04 Czech and Polish Police Intervention Against Group of Brawlers CZE POL
14:09 14:21 Driving Characteristics of the Leopard DEU
14:22 14:31 Dynamic Display of J 29 Tunnan SWE
14:31 14:41 Dynamic Display of Eurofighter Typhoon ESP
14:58 15:33 Exhibition of Aerobatic Group Frecce Tricolori ITA
15:33 15:43 Dynamic Display of Eurofighter Typhoon ITA
15:43 15:53 Dynamic Display of Rafale FRA
15:53 16:08 Dynamic Display of W-3 Sokol POL
16:08 16:17 Dynamic Display of Mi-24 CZE
16:17 16:27 Dynamic Display of Eurofighter Typhoon GBR
16:27 16:37 Dynamic Display of the Service Vehicles of the Czech Police CZE
16:37 16:50 Dynamic Display of MiG-21 ROU
16:50 17:00 Driving Characteristics of the T-72M4CZ and S-10 Strela CZE
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Additional programme area D02

Subject to change!

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