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The photo contest is dominated by the US bombers

08.11.2016, 10:00

Evaluation of picture submitted for the photo contest of NATO Days in Ostrava & Czech Air Force Days is more difficult every year, as jurors, who had to choose the best photos, found out. In the end they liked most the pictures capturing US bombers B-1 or B-52 and rainy weather that was typical for this year’s show. On the contrary, the Fans Award goes to the photo of the Italian aerobatic group Frecce Tricolori.

Both jurors and fans were selecting the best of 312 images of 118 authors. The participation was not influenced by unfavourable weather at the event, instead the jurors agreed that extraordinary pictures were submitted this year and choosing the best of them was very demanding. Each of the members of the jury consisting of event’s official photographers, designers or Jagello 2000 representatives had his favourites, but the final result is following.

1st place: Rastislav Oslej

Rastislav Oslej managed to capture a combination of one of the event’s icon, the US bomber B-52, with the atmosphere presented by the rain. “Yes, that is the feel of the event – wings of B-52 Stratofortress providing a cover in the rain,” comments Pavel Boháč, Jagello 2000. The second place’s image of Radim Tyleček has a very similar theme.

2nd place: Radim Tyleček
3rd place: Jan Malcher


Jan Malcher gained an imaginary bronze medal for a brilliant idea and use of modern equipment he used with an effort to get a picture of another highlight – B-1 Lancer bomber. The idea is a main feature of photo by Agniezska Kowalska that won the Special Award of the Jury and that captures B-1 as well, but from a very different angle.

The general public then chose the image by Viktor Žďárský for the Fans Award. The photo of the Italian aerobatic group Frecce Tricolori was marked by 260 likes on Facebook.

Fans Award: Viktor Žďárský
Special Award of the Jury: Agniezska Kowalska


With regard to extraordinary quality of contesting pictures, one more photo was awarded. “I chose one picture that deserves not to be put aside, but did not reach top places,” notes Zbyněk Pavlačík, Chairman of Jagello 2000. The Award of the Jagello 2000 Chairman goes to Karol Kakietek and his picture of Eurofighter Typhoon.

Award of the Jagello 2000 Chairman: Karol Kakietek

Complete photo gallery of contesting images

We thank all participants of the photo contest and believe that their experiences from the event will not be only pictures, but will became parts of their memories of this year’s NATO Days in Ostrava & Czech Air Force Days.

We also congratulate to all winners.


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