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BAE Systems will present the future of the IFV of the Czech Army

13.09.2022, 10:45

BAE Systems is coming to this year's NATO Days in Ostrava & Czech Air Force Days to present its CV90 MkIV infantry fighting vehicle (IFV) which was chosen by the Czech government as a successor to outdated Soviet technology. Visitors will be able to familiarize themselves with the vehicle in the area dedicated to modernization projects of the Army of the Czech Republic.

The IFV CV90 MkIV is the best possible option for the Czech Republic and the exclusive club of 7 European users, who use more than 1,300 vehicles in 17 modifications, are already looking forward to welcoming two new armies into their ranks. In addition to the Czech Republic, the Slovak Republic also chose the CV90 MkIV.

The machine has successfully participated in operations around the world including coalition operations under the mandate of the UN or NATO. The vehicle provides high strategic and tactical mobility and can act against air and armoured targets. It also provides high durability and crew protection in any terrain and any tactical environment. In its class up to 38 tonnes the CV90 provides unrivalled performance.

The vehicle is among the world leaders in durability and safety of soldiers. It provides a flexible and modular solution for any requirement related to the performance of combat missions. The vehicle platform uses a modular armour system. This protects the crew from heavy weapons, including improvised explosive devices, and anti-tank mines. CV90 will also protect soldiers from weapons of mass destruction (chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear) thanks to the integrated system of OPZHN and FVZ.

It is also one of the most mobile vehicles in its class. Its operation is ensured by a highly reliable and economical eight-cylinder diesel engine with cylinders arranged in a V-shape. Thanks to that, it can perform fast movements in difficult terrain and perform long-term remote reconnaissance tasks. The range of the most modern versions reaches up to 900 kilometres on the road.

The CV90 fires first. It can integrate various weapon systems according to customer requirements. As standard, the vehicle is equipped with a turret with a two-man crew armed with the reliable 30 to 35 mm Bushmaster cannon. In general, the vehicle can handle almost any configuration. In addition, it is equipped with an Air Burst Munition programming unit, a target-oriented Man Machine Interface at the gunner's workplace and provides an excellent ability to engage aerial targets.

It provides best-in-class intelligence-gathering, target-tracking and reconnaissance capability in all weather conditions. Its variants make it possible to carry out long-term and expeditionary operations, operations with a full spectrum of activities even in a network environment with limited logistics. It is digitized and conforms to the GVA (Generic Vehicle Architecture) standard; it provides accurate and timely information supporting the decision-making process at all levels and integrates cutting-edge technologies. The result is ISTAR capabilities. GVA-compliant vehicle electronics can integrate existing and future C4ISTAR open products and communication equipment. The C4ISTAR capabilities integrated in the CV90 vehicle can be extended with the Battleview 360 system, a combination of augmented and virtual reality elements allowing for 360° observation of the vehicle's surroundings even through armour with conformal augmented battlefield information.

BAE System Hägglunds has proven many times that it can supply customers with any desired version of vehicles. It is therefore ready to expand with new elements and capabilities, such as the ADAPTIV camouflage system, rubber tracks, the BattleView360 system and integrated Active Protection System.

The Czech Republic, together with the Slovak Republic, has the potential to become the CV90 industrial core for the entire region and for other global projects related to BAE Systems' CV90. BAE Systems is ready to fully cooperate with both governments for the successful implementation of the project. The cooperation will also have a fundamental benefit for the Czech (and not only) defence industry, with which BAE Systems has been counting very intensively from the beginning, and with which it has been cooperating for a long time.

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