German Orion will land on Mošnov again

26.05.2017, 09:55

German armed forces will present their aircraft on NATO Days in Ostrava & Czech Air Force Days just on static display, but with interesting premiere. Air Force will send Tornado combat aircraft, the Navy will repeat last year P-3C maritime surveillance aircraft display and present Do 228 for the first time.

Germany is participating at NATO Days in Ostrava & Czech Air Force Days since 2007. Last year it took place as a Special Partner Nation and German Armed Forces sent 13 aircrafts.

CHANGE: The participation of the P-3C Orion was cancelled due to operational commitments (12 September 2017)

“The range of Germany’s last year participation was indeed extraordinary. It’s very hard to compare it with this year. That’s make even more remarkable that we will see still some premiere display, in this case Do 228,” comments Zbyněk Pavlačík, Chairman of Jagello 2000 Association.

Do 228 is light twin turbo-prop German made aircraft which is built for various tasks from personnel transport to maritime SAR. Thanks to it multipurpose design, Do 228 has found a way into armed forces around the globe and civilian agencies. German Navy uses this aircraft also for water pollution monitoring and for this task is aircraft equipped with special sensors.

Those belong also to an inventory of another Navy’s plane, P-3C Orion, which provides maritime surveillance and is capable of anti-submarine warfare. That is why it has a magnetic anomaly detector located in its tail, can be armed with anti-ship missiles, torpedoes or depth charges. It returns to Mošnov after just one year, visitors could see in fact two Orions in 2016, one of the Germany’s Navy and one of the Royal Norwegian Air Force.

German Air Force will present Tornado multirole combat aircraft with variable wing geometry. Tornado came from multination program which included the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy and it was manufactured in three different variants, each for different task. First Tornado landed on Mošnov in 2005 and it carried RAF markings. Two years later Luftwaffe also send its first Tornado.

“We can reveal that Luftwaffe and Deutsche Marine will not be only German participation on NATO Days in Ostrava & Czech Air Force Days. All armed and security forces which participated last year were pleased by number of visitors and their interest. So visitors and fans can surely look forward to more German participation also in this year,” remarks Zbyněk Pavlačík.      

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