Military Police will present their canine experts or an unmanned ground vehicle

14.09.2023, 15:29

Among the traditional participants of the NATO Days in Ostrava & Czech Air Force Days, the Military Police is also involved in the police security of this spectacular event. Visitors can look forward to a static display of Military Police equipment and this year there will also be a dynamic display of canine experts or special technical means for guarding the area.

Members of the Military Police (VP) prepared two attractive dynamic displays for the visitors of this year's NATO Days. In the morning display, the VP officers will demonstrate the apprehension of a dangerous criminal using service dogs, also, the display will be complemented by demonstration of dogs' obedience and overall presentation of the VP K9. The afternoon dynamic display will excite fans of autonomous technology, as it will showcase the capabilities of the Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV). Both displays will be on view at the VP tent.

Visitors can also enjoy static displays. There will be various technical equipment on display, such as the MKPV (mobile inspection workplace) with personal and luggage X-ray, MOPRO vehicle, Polaris Ranger XP 1000 EPS quad bike, and cars adapted for the needs of the Military Police: Ford Focus, Skoda Karoq, Volkswagen Transporter for traffic accident investigation or Mercedes Benz Vito equipped with communication devices. Fans of single-track vehicles will also find something to their liking - there will be presented BMW 1200 GS and KTM 1290 Super Adventure motorcycles. In the inflatable tents, which will protect visitors from the possible adversity of autumn weather or the toothy September sun, there is traditionally an opportunity to ask questions about anything that interests the visitors about the Military Police, including joining the Active Reserve or discussing entry requirements.

Those interested will be able to see the equipment of the Traffic and Order Service, including a moto suit or a Dräger breath alcohol analyser, the equipment of the pyrotechnic service, including electronic "sniffers" for detecting explosives and their precursors, a pyrotechnic robot and a special protective suit. Weapons and ballistic protection for individuals, including an anti-impact kit, will be brought by members of the Emergency Department, and the Criminal Investigation Department will also be present with its special equipment. New to the VP presentation will be a photo booth, a chance to try out the physical exam and see how it compares to the fitness of professional soldiers, and a quiz about the VP. The latter will be presented in a new design - completing the quiz for prizes will be possible using a QR code online, on your own mobile phone.

Members of the Military Police carry out the tasks of police protection of the Ministry of Defence, the Armed Forces and military equipment at NATO Days, in accordance with Act 300/2013 on the Military Police. What does this mean specifically? The Transport and Order Service Department of the Military Police Headquarters Olomouc carries out escorts of persons of interest, designated VIPs and military equipment during the event. In addition, our officers, including Active Reserves, guard the area of static and dynamic displays of aircraft and the Army of the Czech Republic, the VIP area, where partner companies have their presentation stands, and the Leoš Janáček Ostrava Airport.

The guarding is carried out in a continuous mode, not only physically by means of control and patrol activities of the officers, but also with the help of technical means of RSS (perimeter protection system) and SOM (protection and monitoring system). As in previous years, military police officers will be ready to deal with various problem situations that may arise at the event in order to ensure the safety of visitors. The central point of activity of the military police will be a tent with static displays located near the VIP parking lot.

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