Eurofighter Typhoon

The development of a new multi-purpose combat aircraft began in the mid-1980s when many European air forces addressed the need to replace older types. The cooperation agreement on the project called Eurofighter was signed in 1985 by four countries - Great Britain, Germany, Italy and Spain, which also formed a production consortium. The prototype of the Eurofighter took off on March 27, 1994, followed by a series of tests.

According to the 1998 Agreement, a total of 620 machines, while total amount will be probably around 700 as there were extra orders. Germany took over its first Typhoons in August 2003, Spain in September 2003, the United Kingdom in December 2003 and Italy in February 2004. Despite strong competition in their class, Eurofighter manufacturers gained more customers as Austria took over the first of 15 ordered machines in July 2007. A total of 72 aircraft were also ordered by Saudi Arabia, the first was handed over in June 2009. The aircraft is also operated by by Oman, Kuwait and Qatar.

Eurofighter Typhoon is a twin-engine multi-purpose jet fighter capable of aerial combat both at short distances and beyond visibility. The Typhoon can also conduct airstrikes on both land and sea targets. All types of operational tasks can be performed in a single flight set-up. The material used on the construction of the aircraft consists of 82% composite materials and only 15% of the parts are from metal. The aircraft is powered by two Eurojet EJ200 jet engines, each with a maximum thrust of 90 kN. Thanks to them, it can maintain supersonic speed even without the need for additional fuel combustion. The basis of the armament is a Mauser BK-27 27 mm calibre cannon. A wide range of controlled anti-aircraft and anti-aircraft ammunition can also be placed under the wings.

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Wingspan 10,95 m
Length 15,96 m
Height 5,28 m
Empty weight 11 000 kg
Max takeoff weight 23 500 kg
Maximum speed 2 495 km/h
Service ceiling 19 800 m
Range 3 790 km


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