Do you need advice or buy a souvenir? Visit our info center!

09.09.2022, 11:27

In the venue of this year's NATO Days in Ostrava & Czech Air Force Days, three Info stands will be available to visitors, where they will be able to purchase various souvenirs or get an advice about the event related issues. Unlike previous years, the program will not be on sale.

Visitor information centres will be found in the usual places, the location of which is also marked on the venue plan. Each information stand will be divided into two parts, which should speed up the check-in of both those interested in buying souvenirs and those interested in information.

Visitors will again find magnets, key chains, caps, stickers and more among the souvenirs. There will be t-shirts with different motifs and in different colors. Stamps for souvenirs and tourist diaries, earplugs, and disposable raincoats will also be available at each stand.

We remind you that there will be no ATM available in the event area, but euros and Polish Zloty are also accepted, next to Czech crowns.

T-shirt Logo  350 Kč T-shirt Gripen 350 Kč Cap 350 Kč
Keychain 50 Kč Trhačka 80 Kč Magnet 90 Kč
Badge with velcro 110 Kč Badge with velcro 110 Kč Sticker 10 Kč
Sticker 10 Kč Pendant 70 Kč Coin 250 Kč
Badge 40 Kč Raincoat 40 Kč Ear plugs 5 Kč

However, the sale of souvenirs will only be an additional activity of the Infopoints. As the name suggests, visitors will be able to contact them with their questions about the event, which the staff will try to answer. They will have an overview of where the presentation of the individual presentations is located, they will be informed about current dynamic demonstrations or advise on transport from the event. Programme will also be available for viewing.

Souvenirs cannot be purchased in advance online, unsold items will be available after the event via our distributor's e-shop.

See you at
22nd NATO Days in Ostrava & 13th Czech Air Force Days!

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