Luftwaffe to complete European Typhoon’s collection and offer an A400M premiere

31.08.2016, 14:03

This year’s NATO Days in Ostrava & Czech Air Force Days are offering a real world unique. For the first time ever, all five European countries, which operate the Eurofighter Typhoon fighter jets, will perform a dynamic display at one show. Besides that, Germany, as a Special Partner Nation, will present a static display of the Tornado fighter and C-160 transport plane. Moreover, Germans are also planning a Central and Eastern Europe premiere of the new transport Airbus A400M.

It has never happened that the five Eurofighter Typhoons of the five European states would meet during one air show. Besides Germany, the visitors will see the fighter jets from Italy, Spain, Austria or United Kingdom. Furthermore, Ostrava will witness the only this year’s foreign display of the German Typhoon.

„Quite recently, we have mentioned a fact that having the Typhoons from four countries is pretty rare. Seeing the Typhoons of the all five European countries, which use this aircraft, would be a historic moment and I am sure all plane fans would be thrilled,“ highlighted an importance of the event Zbyněk Pavlačík, CEO of Jagello 2000. „Certainly, we would like to use this opportunity for some joint activities, notwithstanding nothing is sure for now. However, we should not forget also about another great premiere from the German side: the newest European military transport aircraft A400M Atlas. Nevertheless, we still cannot promise its participation due to possible operational deployment.“  

A400M is a four-engine turbo-prop, tactical, transport plane with the strategic features, designed by the Airbus company. Germany has started to use these aircraft at the end of 2014. Currently it has three Atlases and is planning to replace Transall C-160 transport plane by these modern aircraft. Nevertheless, the C-160 will be exhibited at this year’s NATO Days on static display as well. Further, fighter jet Panavia Tornado in ECR version for the electronic warfare and two other Typhoons will be displayed at the static area. Altogether with the spare aircraft, the four German air fighters will land at Mošnov.

The visitors of NATO Days can also look forward to the final dynamic display of the Bo-105 helicopter of the German Army, which is the only helicopter of this type on the world with the authorization for performing aerobatics. The Bo-105 is being decommissioned from the German ground forces, though. Therefore, NATO Days are the last public event with the opportunity to actually see the dynamic and static display of this helicopter.

Germany, as a Special Partner Nation, takes its role very conscientiously. It will in total present 15 Air Force, Navy and Ground Army aircraft at the Mošnov airport.

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