Luxurious Falcon 7X will be shown to the public for the first time at NATO Days

18.04.2024, 11:04

The Falcon 7X aircraft in Belgian colours will arrive at the NATO Days in Ostrava & Days of the Czech Air Force. At Leoš Janáček Ostrava Airport, this machine will be presented for the first time in a static display.

Visitors to the event will thus experience the fourth participation of the Belgian Air Force in a row. Last year they had the opportunity to see the F-16 multi-purpose combat aircraft, this year they are expecting a machine with a completely different use. The Falcon 7X is a luxury business jet, its primary purpose in the service of the Belgian Air Force is therefore the transportation of passengers, including members of the royal family, representatives of the government or European institutions.

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"The Falcon 7X aircraft is specific for its long range. The machine is able to fly up to a distance of 11,000 kilometers, making it capable of surpassing even modern transport aircraft. It also impresses with its three-engine arrangement," said Zbyněk Pavlačík, chairman of Jagello 2000. "The aircraft is also referred to as one of the best private aircraft on the market and is considered a benchmark for business jets of the 21st century."

Dassault Aviation's Falcon 7X seats 12-16 people, with its cabin space designed with passenger comfort in mind. The machine can be equipped with different configurations, including VIP interiors or corporate equipment.

For example, the air forces of Australia, France, Belgium, Greece or Ecuador have Falcon 7X aircraft in their inventories. It has already appeared at the Mošnov airport as part of the NATO Days thanks to the Hungarian air force, which, however, only used it as a support aircraft and thus did not present it to the public.

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