The Czech Air Force will arrive with new display pilots and a modernized CASA aircraft

30.08.2021, 15:13

This year visitors of the NATO Days in Ostrava and the Czech Air Force Days can look forward to a comprehensive presentation of the Czech Air Force's aircraft. The L-159 Alca, Mi-24/35, Mi-171 and W-3A Sokol will all be introduced in various dynamic demonstrations. The JAS-39 Gripen piloted by the new display pilot and the recently delivered CASA transport aircraft in the modernized version C-295MW deserves the greatest attention.

The Air Force of the Army of the Czech Republic will present itself above Mošnov Airport in four dynamic demonstrations using two types of jet aircraft and three types of helicopters. In addition, the JAS-39 Gripen trio and the three L-159 ALCA will make a ceremonial flight over the airport. As part of the static presentation, in addition to the types present in the dynamic demonstration, it will also be possible to see the new CASA C-295MW turboprop transport aircraft. Therefore, aircraft from the tactical, helicopter, and transport air force bases will all be on display.


"The Czech Air Force is a key participant and organizer of the NATO Days with the largest number of dynamic aeronautical demonstrations which is underlined by the long-standing connection with the Czech Air Force Days that takes place as part of our event," says Jagello 2000 Chairman Zbyněk Pavlačík and adds: “For the first time, the modernized version of the CASA C-295MW aircraft, which arrived in the Czech Republic only a few months ago, will be presented to the public. "

Aircraft from the 21st Tactical Air Force Base in Čáslav will be present among the dynamic demonstrations. A demonstration of the capabilities of the JAS-39 fighter will be performed by a new display pilot Cpt. Ondřej Španko who became the fifth Czech display pilot of this type. He already has been a display pilot for L-39 and L-159 aircraft and has flown on Gripen for more than 650 hours. He will have his second Czech display at the NATO Days as part of a ten-minute air demonstration, while it will be possible to see maneuvers with G-force ranging from -3 to + 9G. ALCA aircraft will simulate a strike on a ground target being piloted by two newly certified display pilots for this type of aircraft.

As part of a static demonstration of the Air Force, it will present its newest technology - a modernized version of the CASA C-295MW aircraft. The Czech Air Force took over two transport aircraft from the Spanish manufacturer in May and July. These replaced the decommissioned Jak-40 transport machines and complemented the four-member fleet of CASA aircraft. The modernized version offers a longer range thanks to the distinctive winglets at the end of the wings. It is also equipped with newer communication, navigation, and avionics systems.

Fixed-wing aircraft will be complemented by three types of helicopters. Combat (Mi-24/35) and multi-purpose (Mi-171) machines from the 22nd Helicopter Air Force Base will be shown together in one dynamic demonstration. The W3-A Sokol helicopter from the 24th Air Force Base will demonstrate one of its important tasks - providing a search and rescue service (SAR).

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