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The Prison Service of the Czech Republic will show the ambush of the escort bus as well as modern ed

12.09.2022, 17:00

The Prison Service of the Czech Republic will present its two faces at the NATO Days in Ostrava & Czech Air Force Days which form the basic pillars of modern prison systems – security and education. The security side will be presented by a dynamic display of defence during an attack on an escort bus.

A dynamic display will be devoted to the intervention against attackers on an escort bus. While conducting a cross-county escort unknown offenders will brake and block a bus carrying convicts and start attacking the vehicle and its crew with firearms. Subsequently, the escort commander will request the help of accompanying emergency vehicles with which they will try to eliminate the attackers.

Visitors will get to know the educational component of prisons through the presentation of educational programs, and for the first time the Association of Prison Pastoral Care, cooperating with the prison service, will be presented at the show. At the static exhibition the Prison Service of the Czech Republic will present its vehicle fleet, newly opened accommodation capacities, new educational projects and the activities of the Secondary Vocational College. Attention will also be paid to the expansion of detention facilities, the modernization of equipment and weapons, as well as specimens of unauthorized objects confiscated from prisoners which are always in great demand by visitors.

The Prison Service of the Czech Republic is one of the armed security forces of the Czech Republic. It ensures detention and imprisonment as well as the protection of order and security of judiciary, public prosecutor's office and the Ministry of Justice. It was established in 1993 together with the establishment of a new state. However, it follows the history of prisons in the territory of the Czech Republic since the time of the Habsburg Monarchy. The Prison Service first appeared at NATO Days in 2003 and has been a regular participant in the event ever since.

The Prison Service of the Czech Republic, as the second largest security force, also participates in the organization of the event by providing workforce during the preparation of the area.

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