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03.03.2024, 09:01

He was part of the B-52 crew when it landed for the first time ever in the Czech Republic to be part of the NATO Days in Ostrava & Czech Air Force Days in 2010. And then again, and again, and again. Now he helps to coordinate the US and Canadian efforts at NATO Days and makes sure the crews from those countries have all they need while staying in Ostrava for the event. What does bravery mean to him and who inspires him? Meet David Webb, the North American representative for Jagello 2000.

How many times have you visited NATO Days?
I've been coming to NATO Days since 2010 when I was in the Air Force and this is probably my 10th time to come.

What were you doing in the Air Force? 
I was on B-52s and we brought the first B-52 to NATO Days in 2010 and each year afterwards for many years. 

What does NATO mean to you? 
NATO is an alliance that crosses all national boundaries and allows all of its members to maintain security and allows us to protect ourselves from any external threats.

What does your ordinary workday look like? 
My normal workday when I'm here is very long. I help when aircraft arrive from the United States or from Canada, making sure that the crews have what they need and making sure that they get billeting and making sure that when it comes to preparing them for the air show itself, that they have all that they need. Air and power carts, water, things like that, and security for the aircraft when they're here.

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What does bravery mean to you? 
Bravery? It means that when a fire occurs or when there is something going on in the world, instead of running away from it, you run towards it. It's very difficult to understand if you have never been in the military. But it is when everyone is running away, you run towards the danger.

Are there any boundaries you have to overcome during your job? 
The biggest boundary for me is the Czech language. I'm doing my best to learn it. Everyone here at NATO Days and Jagello 2000 are extremely kind. And we solve problems each day as we come to work when we are working and preparing for the NATO Days and Czech Air Force Days. So we try to find a way to not have boundaries when we come to work each day. 

Who inspires you? 
My father actually inspired me. He was a sailor. He was in the Navy, in the United States Navy, and he encouraged me to join the military when I graduated from college. So I look to him as my great inspiration.

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