Austrian Typhoon to rumble above Mosnov again

28.04.2016, 09:05

The Austrian Air Force confirmed its participation at this year's NATO Days in Ostrava & Czech Air Force Days. It will present its fighter plane Eurofighter Typhoon in flying display, which will be seen in Ostrava after three-year break.

Austria has not missed any edition of the event since 2010 and it introduced step by step large part of its air force's airplanes - Pilatus PC-6 Porter represented the transport capabilities, three helicopters appeared in Mosnov as well - OH-58 Kiowa, Alouette and S-70 Black Hawk, the last one performed a flying display too. Saab 105 then represented training aircraft last year. Eurofighter Typhoon. a modern two-engine multirole aircraft, is the only type of Austrian fighter plane that participated at NATO Days already in 2011 - 2013, so it will now show off after three years.

"The Austrian Eurofighter Typhoon will fly for its performance directly from its base near Zeltweg, thus it will not land in Ostrava. It is due to Austrian procedures and it will not differ from its previous participations. Because of that it will not perform full-scale flying display, but rather multiple fly-past," states Zbyněk Pavlačík, Jagello 2000 Chairman. "But thanks to the Italian Air Force, NATO Days visitors will have an opportunity to see also regular solo display of the Eurofighter, as they had in 2012, too."  

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The Austrian Air Force owns 15 Eurofighters in total, the first of them were delivered in 2007. Austria then became the first country that got them, but that did not participated at the plane's developement. The Typhoon beat both the U.S. F-16s and Swedish JAS-39 Gripen, although Austria formerly used Gripen's precedessors, Saab 29 and Saab 35 Draken, and still uses Saab 105 as a training aircraft.


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