Companies CZECHOSLOVAK GROUP and TATRA TRUCKS will present modern military equipment

06.09.2022, 13:00

The companies belonging to the CZECHOSLOVAK GROUP (CSG) holding and the TATRA TRUCKS car manufacturer have been traditional participants of the NATO Days in Ostrava & Czech Air Force Days for many years. Also this year, they are special partners of this event very popular among both spectators and experts.

The technology holding CZECHOSLOVAK GROUP and the automobile manufacturer TATRA TRUCKS are among the largest exhibitors at the NATO Days & Czech Air Force Days every year. The companies of the holding operate in the field of ground military equipment, weapons and ammunition, special equipment for the army and rescue services, but also in the field of automobile production or aircraft technology and equipment for aviation.

"The CSG holding companies and the TATRA TRUCKS company have been participating in NATO Days for many years, and we perceive this event as a prestigious event which is also evidenced by the fact that we are its special partners. The NATO Days give us the opportunity to familiarize experts and the general public with the results of our work. We can show them that the Czech defence industry, of which we form a significant part, can be compared with other countries, and that our special systems and vehicles belong to the technological top," said Andrej Čírtek, press spokesman for the CSG holding.

This year, in addition to the TATRA TRUCKS car company, TATRA DEFENSE VEHICLE, RETIA and EUROPEAN AIR SERVICES will present their products. The automobile company TATRA TRUCKS from Kopřivnice will exhibit a novelty in the form of a Tatra Phoenix 8x8 military heavy truck with a new armoured cabin developed by TATRA DEFENSE VEHICLE. TATRA TRUCKS will also display a proven range of Tatra Force military heavy vehicles at its promotional stand specifically in 4x4 and 6x6 versions. Tatra Force vehicles are developed primarily for military purposes and are used not only in the Czech and Slovak armies, but also in other countries. However, thanks to their very good properties and resistance, they are also used by civilian operators, for example, in the mining industry or fire and rescue services. The military Tatrovka will be complemented by representatives of the civilian product range in the form of the Tatra Phoenix and the special Tatra T815 designed for the Africa Eco Race from the stable of racer Tomáš Tomeček.

The company TATRA DEFENSE VEHICLE (TDV), also based in Kopřivnice, specializes in the development and production of wheeled armoured vehicles as well as their repairs or modernization. TDV produces, for example, the well-known Pandur II 8x8 armoured vehicles or TITUS armoured vehicles. It is the TITUS in the Wheeled Armoured Communications Vehicle version on the Tatra 6x6 chassis that will be the next exhibit in the CSG holding exhibition. For the Czech army, TDV, in cooperation with other CSG holding companies and the French company Nexter, are developing three special versions of the TITUS vehicle – Communications, Command and Staff and Fire Support Coordination Point.

The Pardubice-based company RETIA, belonging to the CSG Aerospace division, is also involved in the TITUS project for the Czech Army. It ensures the development and implementation of electronic systems in TITUS vehicles. In addition to electronic systems, RETIA's domain is radar and recording systems. RETIA will present a model of the ReGuard 3D radar at the CSG holding's exhibition. ReGuard is a universal system optimized for the detection and simultaneous tracking of slow low-flying objects with a small reflective surface and ground targets, but of course it can also search for and track airplanes or helicopters. It is therefore also suitable for the detection of unmanned vehicles. Furthermore, the special portable radar ReTWis 5 which enables the detection of living persons behind fixed non-metallic obstacles and which, for example, has already received the first orders from the security forces in the USA will be on display. RETIA will also present the system for effective planning of combat activities RePlan.

Another company of the CSG Aerospace division is EUROPEAN AIR SERVICES (EAS). EAS is engaged in the training of pilots and ground personnel through its Slovak Training Academy (STA) training centre and in the sale of helicopters and airplanes while also offering expert advice and financing of purchases. It also ensures the supply of spare parts and maintenance of machines, aerial work and commercial air transport. For example, EAS is the only commercial operator of the legendary UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters in Europe. At this year's NATO Days the EAS company will present the MD-530 series helicopter.

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