German Luftwaffe: 2x A-400M!

03.08.2021, 07:47

For the third time in a row, one of the newest European aircraft - the A400M Atlas - will be presented at the NATO Days in Ostrava & Czech Air Force Days. Thanks to the German Air Force, these giants will show themselves both on the ground and in the air. In addition, they will be complemented by EC-135 and Bell 206 helicopters.

The Federal Republic of Germany and its armed forces have been participating in NATO Days regularly since 2007 and presenting their representatives of both aircraft and ground vehicles. For this year, Germany has prepared a combination of heavy transport equipment in the form of two A400M Atlas aircraft, which will be on display both in a static demonstration and during the flight. They will be accompanied by helicopters from the International Helicopter Training Center (IHTC) - the EC-135 will show a flight demonstration to the event’s visitors, the Bell 206 will be on a static display.

"Germany is without a doubt one of our key partners. This is confirmed this year by the participation of a pair of modern A400M Atlas aircraft, which is still one of the less presented equipment," says Zbyněk Pavlačík, chairman of Jagello 2000. "But this can also be said about helicopters – it is only the second time the Bell 206 is participating and EC-135 will perform a flying display after a long time. Moreover, this is not the only German participation, in the coming weeks we will also publish information about ground units."

The A400M Atlas is a four-engine turboprop tactical transport aircraft with strategic capabilities developed by Airbus in collaboration with some NATO countries. Its specifics include oppositely rotating propellers, which improves its flight characteristics. Germany now has thirty aircraft at its disposal and is gradually planning to replace by them, among other things, the obsolete Transall C-160 aircraft. The A400M can also be found in the inventory of France, Spain, the United Kingdom or Turkey.

Bell 206 training helicopters have been used by the German army since 2017, when six of these machines replaced the decommissioned Bo-105s. The lightweight multi-purpose helicopter EC 135 is also used to train new pilots who will learn to fly them after completing basic training on the Bell 206.

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