Germany: Return of A-400M and Leopard, premiere of Puma

24.08.2017, 18:38

Germany with its presentation at this year's NATO Days in Ostrava & Czech Air Force Days follows on its last year's record participation when it accepted the role of Special Partner Nation. In addition to the already confirmed displays, visitors can look forward to the A-400M transport aircraft, equipment of ground forces, or representatives of civil security forces.

All German security forces which participated in last year's NATO Days as a part of the Special Partner Nation concept, showed interest in coming back to Mošnov airport. Visitors thus may again look forward to a wide range of units, their equipment and vehicles, heavy weaponry included. 

“German units had such an interest in attending our show that they would easily fully fill the last year's reserved place once again. It pleases us, of course, and visitors will be able to see numerous German units and forces, nevertheless, we had to limit the range in other to provide enough space for Slovak Armed Forces, this year's Special Partner Nation,” says Zbyněk Pavlačík, the chairman of Jagello 2000.

UPDATE: The A-400M Atlas of the German Air Force did not presented itself for the second time (so far). Its participation was cancelled in order to meet urgent operational requirements - this A400M was re-tasked with a humanitarian relief mission to the Caribbean on short notice. (15 September 2017)

With regard to ground forces, five kinds of equipment will be presented at static displays. The Puma infantry fighting vehicle, which has been currently replacing aging Marder vehicles, will have its public premiere at NATO Days. The Leopard 2 main battle tank that participated in a dynamic display together with the Czech Army last year, will return to Mošnov in a static display.

Visitors may also expect the comeback of A-400M Atlas which debuted at NATO Days last year and which represents the newest European military transport aircraft that participates in public events quite rarely. It will thus join the already confirmed P-3C Orion, Do 228 and Tornado aircraft.

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There will not only be static displays though. “For example, the German military police which belongs to support forces has prepared a dynamic display of service dogs training for visitors. Similarly, the German customs service will demonstrate its skills with the Czech counterparts in a combined display,” adds Pavlačík.

In case of civil security forces,  the Federal Agency for Technical Relief (THW) will also take part in this year's NATO Days when its members have prepared not only a presentation of equipment, but also their own accompanying programme for children. There will also be the German Red Cross as well as the German police which will show the visitors their collection of customised vehicles. Overall, it will again be the case of a complex presentation of the German security and rescue system elements.

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