The Police of the Czech Republic will provide interesting displays and assistance at the event

03.09.2023, 08:45

An integral part of the NATO Days in Ostrava & Czech Air Force Days are also the security forces of the Czech Republic. One of them is the Police of the Czech Republic, which has prepared a number of dynamic and static displays for visitors and also participates in the organization of the event.

The joint dynamic display of the Task Force and the Polish Special Unit GROM will undoubtedly be very attractive. The Foreign Police will demonstrate the apprehension of armed smugglers, and Czech and Slovak canine experts will show how service dogs help them in their daily duties.

"An important and traditional participant of NATO Days is the Police of the Czech Republic, which every year offers visitors a lot of rich and engaging displays to present its activities to the public," said Zbyněk Pavlačík, Chairman of Jagello 2000.

The Traffic Police will present its seven vehicles at a static display in the traffic park, and the special riot unit with the intervention unit will display, for example, an escort vehicle, an armoured wheeled vehicle and other equipment. At the stands of the Police of the Czech Republic, you will again be able to find out more information about the activities of individual units or about recruitment to their ranks.

To ensure the safety of visitors, police officers will be prepared to deal with various problem situations, such as theft, loss of a child or other crisis situations that may occur at the event. The central point of activity of these police officers, together with representatives of other entities, will be a tent located near the commentary tower at the VIP entrance. "Police assistance in locating lost children on the event grounds is greatly appreciated. You can help the police officers by taking photos of your children before the event or remembering their clothes so that they can be found more easily and quickly if they are lost," Pavlačík added.

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