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NATO Days in Ostrava welcomed 110 000 visitors

18.09.2022, 19:00

The second day of the largest security show in Europe took place in cold weather with occasional showers. Despite the expected heavy rain during whole day, for which the organisers were prepared, the weather situation was more favourable. That is why, to the great satisfaction of all participants, most of the planned dynamic demonstrations took place.

With the participation of 19 partner countries and under the partnership of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, the 22nd NATO Days in Ostrava and 13th Czech Air Force Days ended. After two years affected by the covid situation, the entry was again free and unrestricted for visitors. However, this year's edition was affected by another serious situation, namely the ongoing conflict on the territory of the sovereign state of Ukraine.  A conflict that is taking place just a few hundred kilometres away from our country. That is why the visitors were often discussing this topic and showed satisfaction with the fact that the Czech Republic is part of a strong military defence group. The so-called "Brotherhood in Arms" is visible at the event in the joint displays of the army, police, customs and rescue services. It is the personification of the real "Brothers in arms" that takes place during joint missions abroad or during the cross-border cooperation.

"We are very pleased that our event has maintained a high attendance of visitors who, despite the uncomfortable weather, leave the comfort of their homes and come to visit the Leoš Janáček Ostrava Airport. We thank them for that," said Zbyněk Pavlačík, deputy of the main organizer of the event, chairman of the JAGELLO 2000 association.

The NATO Days in Ostrava and Czech Air Force Days have earned a long-standing strong and prestigious position among the partner states in NATO, but not only there. Among its visitors and at the accompanying events that are part of the NATO Days, you can meet a wide range of high-tech experts and personalities from the command of individual NATO countries and some non-member countries.

As with any event, it happens that some countries cancel their equipment for various reasons, mostly operational workload, weather, etc. This was also the case in this year's event when 19 of the original 22 countries finally participated and some other countries reduced the number of their equipment. Even so, it is still an impressive list of equipment and displays prepared by the event partners and participating countries.

What the next editions of the event will bring cannot be determined exactly now, but the organizers are already working on them. As the world evolves, so does this event, and the aim is to provide the biggest and most complete picture of what allies are using in the field of defence. There is perhaps no better depiction of future developments than the recent dynamic display at NATO Days in Ostrava and Czech Air Force Days, a joint flypast of aircraft from several nations to symbolically welcome Finland and Sweden into the North Atlantic Alliance.

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