Poland will present all of its Special Forces units

17.08.2023, 13:03

The participation of this year's Special Partner Nation will be very special indeed. In addition to the extensive presentation of the ground forces and the air force, visitors to this year's NATO Days in Ostrava & Czech Air Force Days can look forward to a presentation of all Polish Special Forces units, their equipment and also a premiere dynamic display of the GROM unit with the Czech police.

It is this joint performance of the Czech Police Strike Force and elite Polish soldiers that will be the biggest crowd-puller of this year's presentation of the Polish Special Forces at the Mošnov Airport. There will also be the traditional combat para-drop by members of the AGAT unit and a display of the unit's equipment - the Oshkosh M-ATV light tactical vehicle, the HMMWV off-road vehicle and the FLYEYE mini drone. Formoza, GROM, Komandos, and NIL will also have their presentation at the event area.

"Poland is doing a truly excellent job of advertising the concept of a Special Partner Nation. In addition to impressive air shows and modern ground displays, we can look forward to the extensive participation of all Polish Special Forces units," says Zbynek Pavlačík, Chairman of Jagello 2000. "Many of them already appeared at our event, but never more than one in any year - and now we will be able to meet members of all five units."

The current Polish Special Troops Command was established in 2007 and consists of five Special Forces units: GROM, Komandos, FORMOZA, AGAT and NIL. Each of them has its own specialisation - whether it is naval and amphibious operations, intelligence gathering and rear operations or airborne operations. The entire command has around 5,000 soldiers and its units have participated in wars such as Afghanistan and Iraq.

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