Premiere of the French Couteau Delta Tactical Display at NATO Days

13.04.2017, 12:26

French Air Force returns to NATO Days in Ostrava & Czech Air Force Days after two years with a dynamic display of two Mirage 2000 aircraft. However, it will be new Couteau Delta team with Mirage 2000D in its premiere participation.

Regular event's visitors should remember the French Ramex Delta Display and its superb performance with Mirage 2000N aircraft in 2012 and 2015. Although it marked many successes at top European airshows, it was dissolved after 2016 season, because Mirage 2000Ns are gradually being retired from active service. But its members now share their experience with the new team, so the Couteau Delta can be considered as Ramex's direct ancessor with an ambition to take up the Ramex Delta legacy.

"All aviation fans welcomed the decision of the French Air Force to maintain the two-ship Mirage 2000 dynamic display. We value it even more regarding the fact that the new Couteau Delta will appear also here in Ostrava during its first season. It was vary similar with the Ramex, which held its foreign debut here in 2012," remarks Zbyněk Pavlačík, Chairman of the Jagello 2000 Association. "Visitors can look forward to presenting the capabilities of two Mirage 2000Ds at tactical demonstration and realistic manoeuvres. Those were the specialities of the Ramex Delta, which the Couteau Delta would like to match."

Mirage 2000N and Mirage 2000D are quite similar airplanes, which participated also at static display at NATO Days, last time in 2010 or 2011. It is lightweight twin-seater single-engine fighter, with N variant designed in 1980s for nuclear strikes with capability to carry a nuclear stand-off missile. It was modified in 1990s for conventional attack role, what resulted into the D variant, primarily designed for ground attacks, but air-to-air capabilities were later improved as well.

Mirage 2000N was never deployed to any mission, on the contrary its "cousin" Mirage 2000D participated in both UN and NATO operations over former Yugoslavia, it provided air support for NATO troops in Afghanistan and it was also used for enforcing the no-fly-zone over Libya. Last year, Mirage 2000D also took part in air strikes against the Islamic State.

Remind yourselves the Ramex Delta rehearsal for NATO Days 2015:

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