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The Prison Service of the Czech Republic will celebrate its 30th anniversary at NATO Days

11.09.2023, 18:16

This year's participation at the NATO Days in Ostrava & Czech Air Force Days means an opportunity for the Prison Service of the Czech Republic to present to the public the achievements and progress in the field of prisons that have been made over the past thirty years. As a surprise, it has prepared a dynamic display inspired by escorting a prisoner to a court hearing using helicopter air support.

In addition to the new dynamic display, visitors can also look forward to an exposition located in several presentation tents, which will focus not only on presenting the current state of the prison system, but also on developments in recent years and decades.

At this year's NATO Days, visitors will learn about the educational aspects of the prison system through presentations of educational and training programmes. The static display of the Prison Service of the Czech Republic will present its fleet of vehicles, which traditionally enjoys great popularity among visitors to the event.

The Prison Service will also present new accommodation facilities, new educational and training programmes and, of course, the activities of the Secondary Vocational School. Particular attention will also be paid to the expansion of detention facilities, the modernisation of equipment and armaments and displays of unauthorised items that have been confiscated from prisoners.

The Prison Service of the Czech Republic has a prominent place among the armed security forces of the Czech Republic. Its mission is not only to ensure the execution of custody, the execution of prison sentences or the execution of protective custody, but also to ensure the protection of order and security in the administration of justice and the activities of the prosecutors and the Ministry of Justice.

It was established in 1993 at the founding of the new Czech state. The Prison Service first participated at NATO Days in 2003 and has since become a regular participant in the event. The Prison Service of the Czech Republic, as the second largest security force, also participates in the organisation of the event by providing work in the preparation of the venue.

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