The RAF and its Typhoon Display Team join the centenary celebration

08.06.2018, 13:03

For the third time in the history of the event, the British Typhoon Demo Team will be presented at the NATO Days in Ostrava & Czech Air Force Days and it will be in the year of commemorating 100th anniversary of both Czech and British Air Force. This counts already as the eighth demonstration of the supersonic airplane, and the United Kingdom is the 14th confirmed participating country at the event.

The British Eurofighter Typhoon performed on Mošnov two years ago when he met with these machines of all their European operators. This year, it will join "only" the German, which will be seen on the static apron, and to the Spanish, who as well as the British will show off his skills in the flight display.

"The Royal Air Force was the first foreign air force to be present at the event in 2005 and showed many of its equipment in following years. We very much welcome it as a traditional participant for celebration of the 100th anniversary of Czechoslovakia and its armed forces, including the air force, especially when the RAF is celebrating itself," said Zbynek Pavlacik, Chairman of Jagello 2000." Over the course of those hundred years, the Czech, or Czechoslovak, and British Air Forces have been significantly intertwined and we are glad to remind these anniversaries together."

Flight Lieutenant Jim Peterson is the pilot of the British Typhoon this years, who also as an instructor and electronic warfare teacher contributes to the teaching of new RAF pilots. At the same time, he also participates in the primary role of the RAF, the protection of the United Kingdom airspace. His flight demonstration is conceived to demonstrate the immense power and acceleration of the airplane to best fulfil the Dislay Team motto #BringTheNoise.

The twin-engine multi-purpose combat aircraft with a characteristic delta wing Eurofighter Typhoon was originally developed for air-to-air combat, but the current British version FGR4 can be deployed in a full range of operations, including air policing, peacekeeping support, and air-to-ground attacks. The RAF disposes of a total of 150 aircraft, which were the only ones to protect the United Kingdom airspace after decommission of the Tornado F3s. Currently, F-35B Lightening is joining and will operate alongside the Typhoon.

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