Customs service will take action against drug traffickers

25.08.2021, 13:05

The Customs Service of the Czech Republic will present itself at the NATO Days in Ostrava & the Czech Air Force Days this year as well. In a dynamic demonstration, visitors will see the activities of the Mobile Surveillance Department and the cross-border cooperation of mobile groups of the Customs Services from Germany, Czech Republic and Slovakia in the intervention against drug or arms smugglers. There will also be a static exhibition, in which visitors can become heroes.

The customs officers will demonstrate the deployment of special detection equipment, designed to detect the illegal transport of dangerous substances, narcotics and weapons. Cynologists of the customs administration will then show the work of their four - legged companions, in the field of detection of illegal transport of money, products subject to excise duty and, newly, concerning the current epidemiological situation, also detection of covid - 19.

Also, there will be a special vehicle designed for electronic toll collection, mobile group vehicles, a mobile laboratory or a large-capacity mobile X-ray. Visitors will be able to get acquainted with real stories involving intellectual property and counterfeits, not only cosmetics, clothing, footwear, electronics, but also vehicle spare parts. In the exhibited illegal production of tobacco and tobacco products, they will see, among other things, the typical conditions in which the illegal production of tobacco and cigarettes takes place. Control tools and procedures for monitoring and controlling the authenticity of tobacco and alcohol products will also be presented, including a public mobile app.

It will be possible to discuss the issue of narcotics and psychotropic substances with the national coordinator for drug policy, Jarmila Vedralová, and customs officers will also present ways to detect the illegal production of these substances and the effects of illegal trade. Another important topic presented will be the illegal trade with protected and critically endangered animals, how they are smuggled and the effects of this type of global crime on the biosphere of our planet.

Customs administrators dealing with enforcement and executions will be present and will be ready for questions in this area.

The Institute of Clinical and Experimental Medicine (IKEM) will also present its "Become a Hero" campaign ( in the exposition of the customs administration. The year 2020, due to covid-19, showed a sharp decline in new bone marrow donors, who are the only hope for patients with fatal diagnoses of hematopoietic disorders. Members of the Customs Service of the Czech Republic have already been actively involved, currently IKEM is still looking for a donor for 50 patients, including 15 children.

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