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Hungary will show the Hind and the multi-awarded Gripen

20.04.2023, 11:58

The Hungarian Air Force will offer two attractive dynamic displays at this year's NATO Days in Ostrava & Czech Air Force Days. Thanks to it, the JAS-39 Gripen combat aircraft and the Mi-24 battle helicopter called Hind will again be seen in the air.

Hungarian Gripens have been a regular participant of the event since 2010, and in the last three years they have not only performed excellently, but have also always won the Mayor's Award for the best aerial display. The Hungarian Mi-24, which performed its flight performance for the first time last year at the Mošnov airport, also left an excellent impression on the visitors.

Change: Dynamic display of Mi-24P was cancelled (30th August 2023).

"Hungarian Gripen pilots deservedly bring home awards for their performances not only from Ostrava, but also from other events, so we can certainly look forward to an excellent experience from them and from their Mi-24 colleagues," highlights Zbyněk Pavlačík, chairman of Jagello 2000. "Let's see if any of them will be able to build on their previous successes and win the Mayor's Award for Hungary for the fourth time in a row."

JAS-39 Gripen aircraft have been defending Hungarian airspace since 2006, while Hungary, like the Czech Republic, has them on lease from Sweden. They are light multi-purpose combat machines structurally based on previous Saab models, especially the Viggen aircraft. Thanks to the delta wing and the so-called duck layout, it excels in excellent maneuverability and a short take-off and landing runway is sufficient for it. Therefore, the aircraft's specialties include the ability to operate from selected roads, as required by Swedish mobilization plans.

The Mi-24 combat helicopter, known in the alliance code as "Hind", was created in the late 1970s at the Milové factory in the then Soviet Union. In total, more than 2,500 of them were produced and they are still in service in many countries of the world, including the air forces of some NATO members. In the armament of the allied states, they were modernized for better compatibility with the NATO armament and will remain in service until at least 2025. Mi-24s play an important role in the current war in Ukraine, as they are in the armament of the Ukrainian and Russian air forces.

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