The German army will present its heavy armour and anti-chemical equipment

13.08.2021, 14:07

This year's annual NATO Days in Ostrava & ACR Air Force Days 2021 will also feature foreign ground equipment. The German Bundeswehr will present its heavy combat vehicles at the Leos Janacek Ostrava Airport, led by the Leopard 2 tank, or the armament of an anti-chemical unit.

Since 2016, when Germany took on the role of the Special Partner Nation, German armoured vehicles have been an integral part of ground static demonstrations. It is not only a show of military technology as such, but also a presentation of the German defence industry and engineering. For the fifth time, visitors will be able to see the Leopard 2A6 tank, which is one of the world's best in its category. It will be accompanied by a Puma infantry fighting vehicle and Boxer armoured wheeled transporter. In addition, we will see the premiere presentation of the anti-chemical unit, which will also show its decontamination equipment.

"The German Armed Forces have long supported our event in a truly unprecedented way, which is reflected both in the previously announced extensive participation of the Air Force and this involvement of ground equipment," comments Zbyněk Pavlačík, Chairman of Jagello 2000. “We are glad that they bring popular traditional participants in the form of heavy armoured vehicles Leopard 2 or Puma, but also again something new as the CBRN unit."

Boxer armoured wheeled vehicles excel in their concept of modular cabs and versatility. In the mission, it is possible to change its configuration to combat, medic, command, or repair within 20 minutes.

In contrast, the tracked Puma is considered to be an infantry fighting vehicle with the best protection of the crew, it also provides the crew with protection against chemical and biological weapons. It was one of the candidates for the Czech army as a replacement for the old BVP-2, but withdrew from the competition. Despite its qualities, the Puma is currently found only in the inentory of the German army, whereas modernized versions of Leopard 2 tanks now serve in the armies of almost 20 countries and others order them, usually as a replacement for obsolete Soviet types.

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