Frequently asked questions

General information

What are the restrictions on covid-19?

None. The same rules apply to entry as before the pandemic, i.e. the number of people in the area is not limited and no ticket is required.

When will the next years of NATO Days in Ostrava & Czech Air Force Days take place?

The event usually takes place on the third weekend in September. Dates are set up to 2023:
2023: September 16 - 17
 These terms may however change due to organizational reasons.

Can I have my kiosk or refreshment stall at the event?

Unfortunately, the capacity for kiosks and stalls is full for this year.

Before the event

We would like to come to see the arrivals and aerobatic training. Where is the best place to see them? 

Watching displays' rehearsals and arrivals is not possible from the non-public part of the airport where intensive preparations are taking place. You can find suitable places around the airport i.e. on the website

When will the plan of arrivals and rehearsal published?

The majority of arrivals take place on Thursday and Friday before the event, but some of the aircraft can be seen at the airport early in the week. In all cases we try to publish the arrival schedule well in advance, at least two to three days. 

From which side of the airport will the aircraft land?

We don't know. The direction of landing depends on many factors - wind direction, direction from which the aircraft arrives, but also on the decision of the crew, so it is usually not possible to know before they are close to the airport.

When will the weekend program be published?

The weekend show program is usually on Tuesday or Wednesday before the main event.

Transport to and from the event

What is the time schedule for public transportation?

We are currently preparing an overview of transport options for the event. In addition to the classic connections, we expect to send a special ČD train to Mošnov.

Is it possible to use a taxi for transport to the event? Where can I find it?

Taxi cars are not allowed to enter the area, the nearest taxi stand is at the airport terminal (approx. 2.5 km from entry No. 1). Due to the large number of visitors arriving with their cars, we do not recommend using a taxi.

How do I get to a train or bus station?

Entrance No. 1 will take you to the central car park and to the Mošnov, Ostrava Airport train station.
Entrance No. 2 will take you to Albrechtičky, buses to Studénka depart from there, or you can go on foot right to Studénka train station.
Entrance No. 3 will take you to the bus station to Ostrava. If Entry 3 is closed due to bad weather, please use Entry 2.

We recommend you follow a simple advice: to make it easier for you to travel, count with the time reserve and use the type of transport and location you have already used to arrive to the event.

In the event area

Is there a list of items that are banned to bring to the venue?

No, it is not possible to publish an explicit list of banned items, as such a list cannot obtain all possibilities. So it is up to the security service of the event to decide if it will allow to enter with some item. Generally, all weapons and their mock-ups are banned, and also drones and radio stations, or other items that are illegal to use according to Czech laws.

We recommend to our visitors to leave any potentially risky items at home to avoid a possibility that they will not be allowed to enter the venue, or they will have to give over their belongings at the entrance.

Is there a rental for hearing protection?

No, you have to bring your own, therefore we recommend to buy them in advance. Earplugs will be available for purchase in the area.

Is there a free wi-fi network in the area?

No. However, all mobile operators have their signal boosted significantly in the area, so mobile data tariffs can be used.

Is there a currency exchange in the area?

No, but in the central car park and in the information kiosks you can pay in addition to Czech crowns with euros and zloty.

Can I pay by card in the area? Is there an ATM?

There is no ATM in the area and payment by card is not possible due to poor electricity coverage. But in the central parking lot and at the information stands, you can pay in euros and zlotys in addition to Czech crowns. The ATM is located in the Leoš Janáček Ostrava Airport terminal.

Where can I buy water or soft drinks?

Drinks are sold in kiosks with the Radegast brewery logo or Kofola. There is no free drinking water available on site.

Can I buy cigarrets in the area?

No. Selling tobacco products is prohibited at the event.

Where do dynamic displays take place?

Ground dynamic displays take place on two sites. The main program runs on the D01 site and can be viewed from adjacent sectors, it can also be viewed on a large screen in the so-called Relax Zone. Accompanying program takes place on the area D02, which is located in sector 0. Aerobatic show diplays are located outside the area in the direction to Albrechtičky. The view on the flight displays is the best from sectors 0, 1 and 2. The ideal combination to see ground and air displays is from sector 5, the so-called Relax Zone.
Some of the participants also offer examples of activities or other activities at their static expositions - typically these are examples of providing first aid or various activities for children.

Dynamic Demonstration Areas


Division of static displays


Location of VIP zone and VIP entry

Why can't I go and watch the flying displays under the display line?

Entry to the area near the display line is banned by regulations. But above all, it is a health hazard, not only because of the risk of accident, possible irreversible damage to hearing, etc. Therefore, we declared a ban on entering these areas. Thank you for following this regulation and following the instructions of the organizers.

Where do I get information on the site, such as the current program?

Owners of smartphones can download the NATO Days application for Android and iOS, which will find not only the current program, but also a lot of other information.

You can ger more informations at the information stands. The news, including the program, is also reported by the moderator. You can also tune in to a special broadcast of Radio NATO Days 95.2 FM in and around the area.

Where can I find static aircraft displays?

Typically, aeroplanes are located in sectors 6-8, and visitors can see ground equipment demonstrations on the other side of the site, in sectors 0-2.

How do I find a favorite participant's exposure?

If you cannot find a participant, ask in the info stands. Due to possible last minute changes, it is not possible to publish a detailed layout of the expositions in advance. An overview of the distribution of participants is also included in the mobile application

Where is the VIP zone and how do I get there?

The VIP zone is located in sector number 4 in the event area and is accessed via marked VIP entrance. Only the organizers, participants and partners of the event and their guests are invited to enter the zone on the basis of a valid invitation. VIP invitations are not for sale and are only distributed on a contractual basis.

What should I do if I lose or find something in the area?

A contact point of the Police of the Czech Republic is located in sector 4 next to the VIP zone. In case of loss, theft or finding of the object, you can contact this workplace or member of the organizing service directly. For help, you can also contact the information stand staff who will contact you with the police.

Every year, family members, especially children, are getting lost. We advise you to set a time and a meeting point in advance for sucha a case. Parents are also encouraged to teach their children how to maintain their situation and to equip them with a contact card, especially their mobile phone number. This will help to avoid unnecessary stress and help you get a quick reunion.

When does the venue closes?

On Saturday at 18:00, on Sunday at 17:00, the program ends approximately one hour before the closure of the area. These times cannot be extended either because of the preparation of the area for the next day of the event, or for the final cleaning and dismantling of the expositions. Entry to the venue is possible one hour prior to closing time the latest.

Where I can use the VIP invitation for the event?

Please, get to the VIP entrance - the staff will either exchange it for the appropriate identification band or provide you information what the invitation serves for.

Is it possible to view the aircraft up close? Who decides on accessibility of static displays?

Visitors' access to all static displays and the expositions, is followed by the rules of each participant. Especially for the access to the aircraft, please follow instructions of the crew and the organizing service. Access to some equipment may be time-limited for logistical reasons (participation in a dynamic demonstration or early departure).

Why are flight demonstrations "so far from people and against the sun"?

The organization of fllying displays must follow the rules for organizing air shows, which place great emphasis on the safety of visitors but also on the performers themselves. Therefore, the displays must be at a sufficient distance from the viewers, they cannot take place in the axis of the runway, because they would cross the route of the visitors coming from the central parking lot to entrance no. 1.

Are there any activities for children, etc.?

All activities depend on the presentation of the participants and partners of the event. The current offer is presented by the moderator and radio broadcasting of NATO DAYS 95.2 FM, more information will be provided by the information stands.

How can I get journalist accreditation?

Journalists can be accredited under the conditions published at the beginning of September in the For Journalists section. If they meet the conditions and get official accreditation, they will receive further instructions via email.

There is no additional accreditation in the area, but journalists who fail to accredit can come to the area as regular visitors and use the on-line service on our website and social networks.